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Three new tests announced..

On 16 July, BATM announced the launch of three new test kits to advance the diagnosis of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness…

1. COVID-19 serologic test upgraded to measure the quantity of antibodies in the blood rather than just the presence or absence.

2. COVID-19 antigen test upgraded to detect spike (S) gene to enable diagnosis of COVID-19 in people with low viral loads, increasing testing accuracy.

3. New molecular diagnostics test developed to rapidly identify the specific respiratory virus or bacteria in someone presenting with symptoms of, or suspected to have pre-symptomatic respiratory illness.

“Accurate diagnostics is the only tool that exists that can enable a transition towards normality as we continue to live in the presence of the pandemic,” said Dr Zvi Marom, CEO of BATM. “We believe that our new kits can provide a vital resource for public health authorities and we are greatly encouraged that we have already received requests to receive these tests immediately once released.”

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