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Viziblezone to partner with Verint on COVID-19 contact tracing software

Viziblezone has announced a strategic alliance with renowned global analytics company Verint, which provides a range of software and hardware products for customer engagement management, security, surveillance, and business intelligence.

The alliance will see Verint introducing Viziblezone’s high accuracy contact tracing technology as part of its comprehensive COVID-19 operational solution.

"Our mission has always been to protect lives,” explains Gabi Ofir, CEO of Viziblezone. “I am happy that we were able to offer our solution to aid in the current crisis, and very pleased to have Verint as our partner in doing so. The solutions are focused on protecting individuals from exposure, ensuring safety of those infected and enabling 2-way communication to monitor health and provide assistance where needed."

Alan Stoddard, VP and General Manager, Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions, said "We have been searching for a solution like Viziblezone's; one that is easy to use, can be easily integrated into our current COVID-19 operational solution, and that offers the maximum accuracy. We are offering the best solutions in the market today, and this will include Viziblezone's contact tracing solution."

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